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Application Deadline:
November 15, 2018

(late applications accepted until trip is full)

About the Delegation

Co-sponsored by the Hebron Freedom Fund, this delegation is meant for alumni of previous Eyewitness Palestine delegations, as well as other delegation programs.

Delve deeper into the issues and spend more time with specific Palestinian communities. Explore the current realities for Palestinians, including the repression of Palestinian strategic organizing, the separation and segregation of the Palestinian population, and creative ways communities are continuing to resist.

Spend the first half of the delegation in Hebron, you'll participate in the annual Open Shuhada Street actions and events. Then, join us for intensive engagement in Jerusalem and '48 Palestine.

To be selected for this trip, you should have previously spent time in Palestine/Israel with a delegation or equivalent project

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Founded in 2001, Eyewitness Palestine is an independent 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization working to build movements of solidarity with grassroots struggles for justice. Eyewitness Palestine delegates root their activism in the realities of Palestine/Israel. We build bridges and build movements. Join us!